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Silver Minings: Per Pro Football Talk, Jimmy Garoppolo failed physical

Explains the hold up on his presser

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When the Las Vegas Raiders delayed the announcement of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s signing, speculation began to pop up that there might be a hold-up with an injury concern. Given Garoppolo’s history and the fact he is recovering from a foot injury at the end of last season, it was an easy connection to make and one that Pro Football Talk says was warranted.

PFT’s Mike Florio reported that he was able to obtain a copy of Garoppolo’s contract which was reworked and included a waiver for the pre-existing foot injury.

“PFT has obtained Garoppolo’s contract. It contains a critical final clause — Addendum G — that addresses the foot injury Garoppolo suffered during the 2022 season, and for which he had surgery after signing with the Raiders,” Florio wrote.

“Addendum G is a waiver and release. In the first paragraph, the waiver acknowledges that, without it, Garoppolo would not pass the team’s physical “because of a preexisting medal and middle cuneiform and a fracture of the base of the second metatarsal in the Player’s left foot and that the Club would not enter into an NFL Player Contract with Player.” It’s the injury he suffered during the 2022 regular season, opening the door for Brock Purdy to play.”

Florio continues to outline all of the adjustments made to the deal which can help the Raiders get out of the quarterback’s contract.

Garoppolo had an $11.25 million signing bonus and a base salary of $11.25 million for 2023. The foot injury resulted in the Raiders removing the signing bonus, with the full $22.5 million becoming base salary in 2023.

He won’t get any of it until he passes a physical. In the interim, the Raiders can cut him “for any reason related” to Addendum G.

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