Editorial on This Fanbase and This Team - The New Raider Way(s)

Editorial - A very cynical and somewhat factual sarcasm - a look at some of the recent Raider organizational folly and a look at some fanbase posts and their disdain for the true Raider QB Derek Carr (DC4).

Good luck Aidan O'Connell.

DC4 was messed up by this pathetic leadership (Mark Davis and whomever he puts in charge). No credible defense for his entire career and oft terrible coaching to boot - especially last year. (McDaniels is a bonafide bufoorn and it will be shown time and time again until he is the next to dismissed).

Going to be so much fun razzing "The Orc" and his two alter egos throughout this season. But hey - the "system QB's will play well in this McDaniel's offense, right? Go Hoyer!! "Bring on McConnell." "Next man up..." But hey, these guys will "run" outside! What a fanbase. We all know so much. Everyone is right in his own mind at least once.


DC4 is now in New Orleans with a defensive minded head coach and some amazing offensive weapons - he will once again be allowed to read a defense at the line using his greatest strength... instead of listening through a headset to call plays where wide receivers run into each other or TE's on crossing routes. (Go look at the film for the "keystone cops" routes ran by his receivers in 2022 - comical). But hey, Carr "...had a poor year."

Parham, Bars, Elumenor (Munford), and James allow how many pressures? Hmm...We blew how many double digit leads?? How many blown double digit leads? Renfrow and Waller missed how many games? Good thing we re-signed Brandon Parker right after the season... Bars too!! Depth is a key component.

The coach gave up on DC4 when (game 4)?? It showed. The attitude of 2022 team reflected its head coach. This team is a mess. But we have Maxx and DA - jersey's will fly off the shelf, and Mark will roll into the bank (with Tom) with all the non-Raider fan cash...He'll continue to shave his head. Red clad out of towners are welcome!

Expect a Josh Jacobs signing soon. Resigning a RB to a second contract is good business sense, right?

Meanwhile - In New Orleans a team is gaining its soul.

Saints Coach Dennis Allen, recognizing how Gruden and Carr speak the same system language, brings the aforementioned in to help simplify the meshing of players into the offense designed by Payton (via Reid/Gruden while coaching together in Philadelphia). Adroit.

The community and fan base in New Orleans have recognized Carr's abilities and rallied around him. Yes, he will make mistakes - Tom Brady made mistakes. My expectations is that DC will soon have his new team, and appreciative fan base - in the playoffs. "Vegasville"...

Raiders obtain an injured, 24th ranked QB and many fans here call him "great winner"...if, he passes his physical....we might get to see him get injured. Incredulous movements.

Meanwhile... the yearning for the washed up Matt Ryan begins...I even read that the waiting for Kyrie has begun...again... (just draft Shorty) - I actually saw this written by a "fan." The jokes abound around the NFL. Even Browns fans regularly coming here and laughing at us...ouch!

I hear Carson Wentz is available...Maybe Trey Lance or Zach Wilson will become available. Is Teddy Bridgewater still playing? "Jameis might also be worth a look." Actual quote. SMH

Don't worry fans...Great journalism awaits here at S&B Raiders...Also, WifiWillie can be found on YouTube


This is a 6 win team until it proves otherwise. You are what your record says you are.


Raiders will be lucky to win one division game this year and 5 total. (Yes, I will gladly write a rebuttal if I am wrong). My standi on it prophecy is 5-12. This franchise is going all in for Caleb Williams...or, Mac Jones...

Go Raiders... seriously.