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Will Hunter Renfrow be traded? Fans are undecided

Fans are split on whether slot receiver will be dealt

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Hunter Renfrow
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Will Hunter Renfrow will traded by the Las Vegas Raiders soon?

It’s all up in the air and our recent community fan poll has expressed that.

In an incredibly close vote, 50 percent of the fans think slot wide receiver will be dealt, while 50 percent think he will stay. How close was it? Three votes close. Yes, three votes.

466 votes casted believe Renfrow will stay, while 463 voters think he has played his final game with the Silver and Black. So, technically, the no vote won.

I totally get how close this vote was. For the record, (I always vote), I voted no. I can see Renfrow being traded as anything is possible in the NFL, but I thought he stays when I cast my vote.

The fact that he wasn’t seen by media at a recent OTA further fuels speculation that he will be sent packing and it will add to the media speculation that the Raider may trade him after June 1.

We should find out soon enough.