A few study points for Genius Josh

Year after year after year after year. The same bs.

I guess I'm hoping against hope that Ziegler and McDaniels kinda sorta know what they're doing. Granted the track record isn't great but we're all kinda drinking the kool-aid here as we approach June.

It might sound crazy and stupid, but we did HAVE the lead in most of those games last year. Its not like the guy is completely clueless and has no idea. Something he was doing was right.

But you need to make real adjustments, and CLOSE these games out. Play to WIN these games and not NOT TO LOSE.

Here's a start:

Hopefully guys like Netane Muti and Thayer Munford can win jobs on this offensive line, and we can really start to develop a filthy, physical, mauling kind of line like SF or Philly, and get this team lead by the running game.

Zamir White and Brittain Brown need to be legit change of pace guys. Every good team has more than one RB. Jacobs can only take so much pounding, and lightening his load will only make him more explosive and effective.

Davante is a stud of all studs, but its the other guys that need to step up because nobody will ever be doubled but Tae. Maybe down the line Mayer can draw that kind of coverage. Meyers, Renfrow, Tucker, maybe even a guy like Cam Sims, these guys can develop into different kind of weapons that can hurt you in many ways. Same can be said for Hooper and Howard.

Of course it all starts with the QB. Look, we can cry about it all we want, but Jimmy G is the guy and we can just hope he has a little chip on his shoulder from being dismissed by everyone. The guy can execute, and can win. Can he get or stay healthy? What do you think?

O'Connell has that weird Brady look to him. I'm not a fool saying oh he's the next Brady, I'm just saying when you watch him, his footwork, arm angle, kinda Brady-like. He is GOING to play at some point. Maybe expecting nothing, we'll all be pleasantly surprised if this guy turns out like a Brock Purdy.

On D, Patrick Graham better wake up at the wheel and get these guys playing aggressive. Again, I keep using Philly, SF as examples but there are many others, when you watch these teams play D, THEY are setting the tone. Not just REACTING to whats happening. I feel like only Gus Bradley in the last several years had them playing with their hair on fire a bit. The cerebral is only gonna work if these guys are confident in it.

Maxx is the man, to say the least. Everything you want in a stallion leading this defense. He may finally have some dogs there with him as I like the draft picks, hoping against hope a bounceback year from Chandler Jones, and dare I say, get Koonce in there rushing the QB. Not covering kicks. Not covering RB's. Rush from inside, out, anywhere. He has good hand technique and will have something to prove this year.

LB is still the glaring weak spot on this team, I can only say I just hope it doesn't get exposed every week. Spillane and Deablo are our two best? I mean...maybe Burney can shock and be something. All the rest? Nothing there. We need a real 3 down LB in the worst way. Maybe Pola-Mao becomes a LB?

The secondary has some juice but its very young. Already hearing Epps is the alpha dog there so that is a good thing, coming from a winning originization. Wanna see these guys like Bennett, Webb, Christopher Smith get their shot. The competition here will be highly contested. Hobbs has a lot to prove, he has been annointed, sorry, haven't seen it. I need to this year if we have any shot.

We are lucky we have two of the best kickers on specials. Hopefully they can play in games that actually matter.

Bottom line, I'm not delusional here, there are still many weaknesses on this team.

However, with GOOD, SMART, AGGRESSIVE, coaching, 9 or 10 wins is possible.

Come on guys, its Las Vegas now, the house always wins.

Give the Raiders a few breaks for once, maybe the ball bounces our way.

Or scenario 2 is Jimmy G isn't ready, we cut him, roll with O'Connell, and tank for Caleb Williams.

A complete train-wreck.

Year after year after year...remember?