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Silver Minings: Las Vegas hasn’t been awful in draft after first round

Raiders actually above average in late-round success in last decade

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Maxx Crosby
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

We all know the Las Vegas Raiders’ issues drafting in the first round has been well-documented and it hasn’t been good.

But the reality is, the NFL draft is a crap shoot for all teams and many teams struggle, especially past first round. However, in the big picture, the Raiders have not been horrible in recent years in the latter rounds.

Recently, Sportshandle conducted a study of all 32 teams’ drafts in the final six rounds of the past 10 drafts (leading up to last week’s draft). They counted Pro Bowl players drafted by those teams. The Raiders actually finished tied for the 13th best score.

They hit it big with the likes of defensive end Maxx Crosby and (fourth round) and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow (fifth round) in 2019. We will see if the Raiders’ late-round success will continue from this year’s class.

In other Raiders news: