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Reviewing Tuesday Community Question answers

You were fired up this week

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

We had a ton of responses in this week’s Tuesday Community Question, which was what was the Raiders’ biggest mistake this offseason?

Here are some of your responses:

Tinraider wrote:

Not doing anything about our coaching. Most coaches don’t get better over night, in the NFL.

The competition is too close.

Every year you see some of the worst teams beating some of the best teams in any given game.

That happens because the talent level in the NFL is closer than most people realize. That fact leaves coaching even more important than having great players.

We still have the coaches that took a winning play off team and made us the seventh worst team in the league.

They didn’t only do that but they got rid of all the players responsible for getting to the playoffs the year before.

There’s some people around here that really like the direction we’re going and I hope they are right and than there are some of us that keep asking WTF. Only time will tell but if you follow the Patriot coaching tree that has moved on to head coaches, you will not find great success, just the opposite.

Again I love the Raiders and I hope I’m wrong and McGenius is really great but I doubt it.

enufizenuf wrote:

Signing Jimmy Garropolo, not keeping Stidham and spending the money on defense. Tied with not trading up and getting Will Anderson. We’ve got an injury prone QB and Hoyer and a 6th round draft pick. What a disaster.

Adds99 wrote:

No Tic Tac’s in the draft room?

Not really sure time will tell.

definitely would like to see a deal with Jacobs now he knows his supporting cast and can charge for expected workload.

IoRaider wrote:

Not extending Jacobs, and not drafting a LB or DT higher.

OneNationAW32 wrote:

Not extending Josh Jacobs. He was the leading rusher betting on himself last season after not picking up his 5th year option. He’s proved himself. Extended that man.

Also gonna need a better O line to protect Jimmy GQ.