The Brian Hoyer situation

The offseason has been going mostly well IMO.

McZ got rid of underperforming, overpaid scholarship players. Brought in a winning QB for the first time in over 2 decades. Added more firepower on Offense. Defensive heavy draft adding much needed young talent on that side of the ball most analysts like their selections. All good things.

What the hell are they doing with Brian Hoyer?

I get it, he's a McDaniels guy. Knows the system as well as anyone. Can mentor the young guys as well as help Jimmy G get back to speed quickly. This makes sense as he's been out of the system for 6 years, the more help the better.

But Hoyer is 38 years old. He is *beyond* washed up. That's even a misleading statement because he's never been any good when he got his chance as a starter or as a backup. Frankly, he sucks.

0-15 in his last 15 games. He hasn't won a game since 2016 when he went 1-5 for the Bears, 7 years ago.

One might say he's just a camp body who'll be a coach on the field. Fine OK. But why did he get a 2-year guaranteed contract?! Making more this year (and next year) than he has since 2019 when the Colts thought he might compete to start for them.

If he get's cut in camp they'd have to eat over $4M. This essentially *ensures* he will be on the 53.

This is by far the most head scratching offseason move. Why did they do this? McDaniels can't *possibly* think Hoyer can win games.

With JG's extensive injury history they have to expect the backup will likely have to play at some point. It could even be for a *significant* part of the season. I can't imagine they would trot Hoyer out there thinking he gives them any chance to win, even a single game.

So why did they sign him to a 2 year contract?

Some say this is the stealth 'tank move'.

The theory goes something like this: McZ know JG is going to get hurt. Having Hoyer ensures a disaster season putting them into a better 2024 draft position to get one of the top QB's. McZ will have the built-in excuse of injury and Hoyer to lean on. Drafting a high-pick QB in 2024 handing him the keys gives them another 2 years after that to turn it around.

I don't see this as a real plan. I believe this Raider franchise is in a precarious situation. Tanking would destroy an already disgusted fan base. The McDaniels hate and the erosion of Raider fans in the stadium will become so extreme the entire Raider brand could be irreparably damaged. Mark *has* to know this. On top of that Ziegler and McDaniels' careers would be forever tainted. It would create a black cloud that would block out everything else. They would lose the locker room and whatever good 'culture' they have created would just all get flushed down the toilet.

Tanking is out of the question.

If they produce another 6 win season (or worse) this franchise is in BIG trouble. This ain't Oakland. They can't just put ticket prices at $30 and keep trotting out the 'Autumn Wind' to appease the fans, who frankly had nothing else better to do in Oakland than go to a cheap game and get hammered in the parking lot. It's a whole new reality in Vegas, they have to win to stay relevant. Losing is not an option.

I firmly believe if McZ produce another bad season they're gone. It's as simple as that. Yeah we might get a high draft pick QB but that will be for a different GM and coach.

McZ are highly motivated to win games immediately, Not tank for some future QB that they'll never see.

So how does Hoyer help win games this year?

Beyond the 'coach on the field' thing it's hard to imagine he could. They cannot expect him to play and win games. It's totally irrational to think that. If McZ are anything, they are rational people.

Hoyer is not going to see the field much, if at all, in 2023.

Sure Hoyer will start camp as the QB2. But when the season starts he's the emergency QB3 and he stays there.

O'Connell will be the QB2 in 2023. Even if he's QB3 on paper.

Ziegler admitted they've been tracking him for over a year as the guy they wanted. One of his strengths is he's NFL-ready. Played in an NFL system, 2+ year starter, etc. They knew they were going to draft him so getting Hoyer gave them some coverage to have experience at QB1 and QB3.


Brian Hoyer is nothing but an overpaid 3rd string QB who most likely will never see the field.

They have *no intention* of playing him unless it's an emergency situation. He's only here to get Jimmy G back up to speed and to mentor both O'Connell and Garbers. I believe Garbers stays on the PS and will be activated to take over at QB2 if JG goes down. Hoyer stays at QB3 unless they are out of options.