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Silver Minings: Las Vegas didn’t punt at high rate in 2022

Red zone issues played a role

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
Daniel Carlson
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp explored the punt rates of all NFL teams in 2022.

The Las Vegas Raiders were were near the bottom as they punted on fourth down just 51 percent of the time. It was tied for the seventh lowest rate with the Philadelphia Eagles. Here is the complete list:

It may be surprising because coach Josh McDaniels wasn’t known for being overly aggressive in his first season in Las Vegas. Yet, a big reason why the Raiders didn’t punt on fourth 49 percent of the team was based off their problems of finishing drives in the end zone, especially once they entered the red zone.

Kicker Daniel Carlson attempted 37 field goals. It was tied for the third most attempted field goals in the league. Thus, that helped the Raiders finish low in this stat.

In other Raiders’ news: