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Silver Minings: Could Raiders trade for Sam Darnold?

NFL coach told insider he thinks it should happen

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Los Vegas Raiders v New York Jets
Sam Darnold
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Ever since the news broke about the amendment in Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract that requires him to pass a physical before getting any money from the Las Vegas Raiders, speculation has ensued about who the team’s starting quarterback will be this season.

Recently, a source’s Matt Lombardo that the Raiders should look into trading for former New York Jets and current San Francisco 49ers quarterback Sam Darnold.

The 49ers’ crowded quarterback room could hold the answer to the Raiders’ short-term quarterback solution.

“I’d trade for Sam Darnold today,” an NFL offensive coach told Heavy. “They have big issues out there, because they don’t have money to make a big trade. Especially when you’re talking about a quarterback.”

Darnold’s signing as a free agent provided the San Francisco 49ers some quarterback insurance for both Trey Lance and Brock Purdy, who are each returning from injury. However, if both Lance and Purdy make a full recovery, it is conceivable that Darnold could become expendable.

Last season in Carolina, Darnold flourished for the first time in his career, posting a career-high 92.6 passer rating while throwing 7 touchdowns to 3 interceptions in six games. Perhaps Darnold can be a competent starter in McDaniels’ system until the organization is able to mine a long-term franchise quarterback of the future.

Garoppolo is still the most likely option under center for the Raiders, but if things do go south, striking a deal with San Franciso could be Las Vegas’ Plan B.

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