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Silver Minings: Maxx Crosby reveals why he head-butted Patrick Mahomes

Crosby gives insight from the clash on Monday night

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NFL: OCT 10 Raiders at Chiefs Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders edge rusher Maxx Crosby has made a name for himself the past two seasons. With two straight Pro Bowls under his belt, he has cemented himself as one most notable players in all of the NFL.

Crosby's toughness is always displayed on the field. A player who will never quit or be intimidated by any player in the league. He exhibited this last year when he got into it with Patrick Mahomes after a Kansas City Chiefs touchdown. The situation led to Crosby giving a headbutt to the Chiefs' starting quarterback, with the incident going viral.

The Raiders edge rusher went onto Von Miller's podcast and discussed what happened.

“We were going back and forth,” Crosby recalled. “I got him with a sack on the first drive and then I ended up getting him a second time, and I’m talking. I’m always barking at everybody. That’s just part of my nature. Pat wasn’t going for it. He was talking back. He’s like, ‘Alright, what’s up?’

“And so, they went down and scored. And I’m standing and I’m watching them in the end zone, and they were all running around the end zone. I get bumped behind my back. I get hit with a shoulder. I turned, and it was Pat, and he was still running. I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’m not going for that,’ and so I ran straight to him and I head-butted him, like ‘What’s up?’”

CCrosby'sattitude is perfect to represent Raider Nation. He is locked up for the foreseeable future and has a chance to be a Raider for life. That could lead to many more opportunities for a headbutt and Crosby to get his hands on Mahomes as a game-wrecker.

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