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4 potential trade partners for Josh Jacobs

And what they can offer

Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

While there is still time for the Las Vegas Raiders and running back Josh Jacobs to reach an agreement on a long-term contract extension, the situation is looking pretty bleak as the Raiders break for summer and prepare for training camp. So, there is a scenario where Jacobs gets traded in the next month.

Granted, he would have to sign the franchise tag to be under contract and eligible to get dealt, giving him some power and say in where he lands. But for the purpose of this exercise, we’ll say the 2022 rushing champ is willing to play for Las Vegas’ four potential trade partners listed below.

Arizona Cardinals

Cap space: $26,033,338 (3rd-most in NFL)

The Cardinals are far from a running back away from being a playoff contender this year, but they do lean heavily on the ground game with Kyler Murray at quarterback and they have money to spend. Plus, Murray is already under contract through 2028 so it’s not as if they need to save cash for a big extension. All of that could justify the lucrative investment in Jacobs.

While current running back James Conner has two years left on his contract, Arizona would only eat $3 million in dead cap by including him in the trade or sending him elsewhere. They could also just outright cut Conner and only take an extra $1.3 million in cap space, per

Tradeabe assets: James Conner (RB), 2024 2nd-round pick (own), 2024 3rd-round pick (own), 2024 3rd-round pick (HOU), 2024 3rd-round pick (TEN), 2024 4th-round pick (own)

Miami Dolphins

Cap space: $13,322,700 (17th-most)

Unlike the Cardinals, the Dolphins are coming off a playoff appearance and their offense could use a back like Jacobs. Head coach Mike McDaniel was once Kyle Shannahan’s run game coordinator in San Francisco, and Jacobs could be hard to stop in that scheme. Cap-wise, the money would be tight but they could structure the deal so it fits into their budget.

Miami did sign running back Raheem Mostert to an extension in the offseason, but only to a two-year, $5.6 million deal and they can get out of it to recoup some money as just $2.2 million of the deal is guaranteed. Mostert also isn’t dependable as he has a long injury history where he’s missed 25 games in the last three years.

Tradeabe assets: 2024 2nd-round pick (own), 2024 5th-round pick (own), 2025 3rd-round pick (own), 2025 4th-round pick (own)

Los Angeles Rams

Cap Space: $10,719,755 (22nd-most)

From one Shanahan disciple to another. In full disclosure, the Rams came to mind as a potential trade partner through an article from Bleacher Report’s Moe Moton as Moton eloquently explained via the except below.

In the event that Jacobs wants to move on, the Rams may become a viable suitor. They can restructure Aaron Donald’s contract to save $20.5 million and fit Jacobs’ new deal under the cap.

While it seems the Rams have embraced the youth on their roster, jettisoning Bobby Wagner, Allen Robinson II, Leonard Floyd and Jalen Ramsey, Jacobs is going into his age-25 term with a rushing title, an All-Pro campaign and two Pro Bowl nods.

Jacobs can help reopen the Rams’ Super Bowl window to form a dynamic offensive trio with quarterback Matthew Stafford and All-Pro wideout Cooper Kupp. In a race for the NFC West title, Los Angeles could pose a threat to the San Francisco 49ers, who don’t have a clear-cut starting quarterback as Brock Purdy recovers from UCL surgery.

Tradeabe assets: Cam Akers (RB), 2024 2nd-round pick (own), 2024 3rd-round pick (own), 2024 4th-round pick (own)

New York Jets

Cap space: $22,157,323 (6th-most)

After just missing out on the playoffs during the season and trading for Aaron Rodgers in the offseason, the Jets are clearly in “win-now” mode. During Super Bowl week, Jacobs said on the Stacking the Box podcast that he “definitely wants” to play with Rodgers, and he told Pro Football Talk he’d be willing to play on the franchise tag in the right situation. So, there could be interest from at least two of the three parties involved and New York has the money to make it happen.

Now, Gang Green does have Breece Hall in their backfield, but Hall is coming off a torn ACL and only has seven games of NFL experience. Adding a veteran to serve as the lead back would keep the team from having to rush the second-year pro onto the field while reducing his workload and allowing him to make a full recovery.

Tradeabe assets: Zach Wilson (QB), Michael Carter (RB), 2024 3rd-round pick (own), 2024 4th-round pick (own), 2024 4th-round pick (DEN)