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Raiders poll: Are you concerned by Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury status?

Is this a big deal or is it nothing?

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We, of course, had a major bombshell in this community as Pro Football Talk that new Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo failed his physical in March and had a waiver written into his re-arranged contract stating the team won’t owe him anything if he isn’t ready for the start of the season.

This story came two days after Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels said Garoppolo is missing OTAs and probably won’t be ready until training camp, which isn’t great for a quarterback joining a new team.

Shortly after McDaniels’ announcement, The Athletic reported Garoppolo had surgery after he was signed by the Raiders. Thus, after Garoppolo and the team agreed to terms, it was discovered that he was still having issues in his foot stemming from a Dec. 3, 2022 injury he suffered as the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers that ended his season.

It was jarring and unusual that a story like this would break two months after a major signing, especially at quarterback. It could be a disaster because the Raiders would have career backup Brian Hoyer as their starter if July rolls around and its discovered Jimmy G. won’t be able to play this year. And the free-agent market is slim picking at quarterback, to say the least.

But this is really all about an insurance policy of sorts. Las Vegas expects the Garoppolo timeline to be that he’ll be ready for training camp. If the Raiders thought this was a year-long issue they wouldn’t have proceeded with the contract. So, yes, the worst-case scenario is that the Raiders decide that they have to move on from Garoppolo, but that seems unlikely. So, this whole waiver issue will likely become moot.

Still, it’s understandable if you’re nervous. So, please take our poll and let us know how you feel.


Are you worried about Jimmy Garoppolo‘s injury status?

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  • 62%
    Yes, why shouldn’t I?
    (762 votes)
  • 37%
    No, he’ll be ready for the season
    (462 votes)
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