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Raiders poll results: Common sense prevails

Most fans are cool with the new number 4 in Las Vegas

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session
Aidan O’Connell
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

In one of the silliest squabbles in this fan base in a while, it seems like the good people of this community have come together and made the right call.

Yes, it’s cool that Aidan O’Connell wear the number 4 jersey with the Las Vegas Raiders. O’Connell chose to wear the jersey number after becoming a fourth-round pick of the team out of Purdue. The number, of course, was worn by former Raiders’ starting quarterback Derek Carr for the past nine seasons.

There was quite a bit of angst in the world of Raiders’ Twitter recently when it was discovered O’Connell was wearing No. 4 at the NFL Rookie premier program. He is expected to be the third-string quarterback this season behind starter Jimmy Garoppolo and veteran backup Brian Hoyer.

Apparently, some fans think it’s disrespectful to Carr for the rook to wear his number.

But the overwhelming amount of fans in this community don’t think it’s a big deal. In our poll with 1,348 votes cast, 71 percent ( 960 votes) are fine with O’Connell wearing the number with just 29 percent (388 votes) of the voters having a problem with it.

Yet, the reality is, there were limited options for O’Connell to wear in the NFL and the Raiders don’t retire uniform numbers of their Hall of Famers so there is little room for sentimentality for released players.

So, I agree with the majority of the voters. Go ahead and rock your new number, Aidan.