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Silver Minings: Is Jimmy Garoppolo entering a make-or-break season?

Raiders Wire thinks so

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The career arc of new Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will get studied by NFL Historians for years as it certainly is peculiar. Garoppolo went from winning the Walter Payton Award in college to becoming Tom Brady’s eventual successor with the New England Patriots, only to get traded to the San Francisco 49ers where he helped the team reach two Super Bowls and was eventually run out of town.

Now, Garoppolo enters the third chapter of his career so to speak with the Raiders and an argument could be made that 2023 is a make-or-break year for him. Recently, USA Today’s NFL Wire put together an article where each team site named one player from their team who fit into that category, and Raiders Wire’s Marcus Mosher chose the man under center.

Jimmy Garoppolo received a three-year deal from the Raiders this offseason, but in all reality, it’s just a one-year prove-it deal for the veteran quarterback. Garoppolo has struggled to stay healthy for most of his career and 2023 is no different as he is dealing with a foot injury. If Garoppolo can’t stay on the field for the majority of the 2023 season, it’s tough to imagine him getting another chance of being a franchise quarterback again. – Marcus Mosher, Raiders Wire

For context, Las Vegas can cut Jimmy G after this season and take on $11.25 million in dead cap space while saving $13 million, per, which is where Mosher is coming from by calling the contract a “one-year prove-it deal”. That savings would be enticing if Garoppolo doesn’t play well in the fall or continues to get bit by the injury bug.

But what say you, Raider Nation? Is Garoppolo entering a make-or-break season?

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