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Reviewing Tuesday Community Question: WR or CB?

You had some interesting things to say

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
Davante Adams
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We usually review our Tuesday Community Question on Friday. But we have an extra post this week since I was out last week.

So to recap last week’s question, it was do you value or a wide receiver more than a cornerback in today’s NFL?

We had many insightful answers. Here are some:

Adds99 wrote:

Cornerback - harder to find and much more rare

You can scheme a bad WR to catches but not a bad CB to INT’s.

Raidersforever wrote:

Impossible to answer without knowing about the other ten guys. Jamarcus Russell could make any receiver look bad. He could also make any CB look good.


It really depends on so many variables. It’s something to ponder, for sure.

First_&_Never wrote:


Justin Adventure wrote:


Al tried so hard to replicate having shutdown corners from the mid 80s on. The closest we got was when Charles and Nnamdi played together but Nnamdi was still learning the position before it all came together.

AAAA54 wrote:

A great WR will have a bigger impact by opening up stuff for other playmaker.

No matter how good a CB you are, you still can’t cover forever if the DL gets little pressure.

The3rdMacManusBrother wrote:

30 years ago I would’ve said a great corner can change the identity of a defense. In this day and age a great receiver can make an average QB look great and can turn a decent offense into a top 5 one.

asa1658 wrote:

Easy enough...a great WR

A savvy QB can negotiate around a great CB, that side of the field even

A great WR is a threat every offensive play.

travelillness wrote:

WR. Duh.

A great CB, especially in today’s game, means that the opposition can throw to one of the other 3 WRs, or the TE, or the RB.

A great WR you can keep throwing to over and over, all game, every game (see Adams, Davante). And if they double him, it means someone else is open.

Great wideout every day, and twice on Sundays.

(You need two great shutdown corners! And that’s damn near impossible to find. Only the Great Al was able to put that together. I’d give almost anything to go back to the early ‘80s....)