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Reviewing Raiders Tuesday Community Question

Lots of great answers

Super Bowl XVIII - Washington Redskins v Los Angeles Raiders
Marcus Allen

We had a ton of great responses this week to our Tuesday Community Question, which was who was the best Raiders’ offensive player ever.

There are a ton of options and you delivered. Here are some of your responses:

AAAA54 wrote:

Jerry Rice

MichaelMatto wrote:

Bo Jackson for pure talent. Better yards/carry than Jim Brown and Barry Sanders—I think the highest in history, but for not having enough attempts to make the leaderboards. Yeah, I know production and longevity matter, but he was the best offensive player the Raiders ever had.

JackTatumHOF wrote:

Tim Brown/Marcus Allen tie

iowanation wrote;

I became a Raider fan because of Freddy B so guess that would be my vote, however, It is about impossible to pick from so many of the greats who have wore the shield.

Chrome&Onyx wrote;

Marcus Allen.

With a shout out to Bo Jackson!

DarylHarmonica wrote:

Just one? No Way!

Art Shell- Best OLineman we ever had

Snake- A true winner

Gannon- A true leader

Marcus Allen

Justin Adventure wrote:

I am going with Brown. He played great with mediocre QBs. Imagine if he had an above average QB, where would he rank amongst WR? He would probably be in the top 3 for WR/TE receiving stats.

asa1658 wrote:

If the best ability is availability it has to be Gene Upshaw... 231 games and never missed a down

never missed a down

most of it at an all-pro level, might I add

Banaszak’em wrote:


17 Bob Trey O wrote:

Almost impossible to name one...

OL - Upshaw, Otto, Shell

TE - Casper

WR - Biletnikoff, Brown

RB - Allen

QB - Stabler

Think I have to go with Otto, Upshaw a close second.

SeaofHands74 wrote:

Wow, very tough.

Branch, Allen, Snake.