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Raiders poll results: Fans concerned about Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury

Fans aren’t certain quarterback will be ready for season

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders Press Conference
Jimmy Garoppolo
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McDaniels tried to calm the Raider Nation by recently saying he has “no anxiety” about new starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo about being ready for the start of the 2023 season.

It was reported last month that Garoppolo had foot surgery after he signed with the Las Vegas Raiders in March because he failed his physical. The Raiders have stated they expected Jimmy G. to be ready for training camp when it begins in late July. Yet, there is a waiver written into his contract that allows Las Vegas to walk away from the contract at no cost if the foot doesn’t properly heal in time.

We recently asked members of our community if they are worried that Garoppolo might not be ready for the season. And, unlike McDaniels, it seems many fans do, indeed, have anxiety about Garoppolo‘s injury.

In a poll that 1,224 votes were cast, an overwhelming 62 percent of the voters expressed that, yes, they are worried about the situation, while just 38 percent of the fans who votes are comfortable with the injury timeline.

We get that fans are worried, especiallt with Garoppolo’s injury history. Still, this is really all about an insurance policy of sorts. Try to relax. Thanks to all who participated.