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Silver Minings: Jimmy G. got it done on 3rd down

New Raiders’ quarterback excelled on key down

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders Press Conference
Jimmy Garoppolo
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Garoppolo has come to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason with a reputation of being an efficient signal caller.

And nothing says efficient quarterback play than strong production on third down.

In his 11 games as the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers in 2022, Jimmy G. was a pillar of third-down efficiency as pointed out in a recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp. According to Sharp’s metrics, Garoppolo was plus-0.24 on third down in 2022. It was the third best mark in the NFL. Here’s Sharp’s full list in this stat:

Strong play on third down is a great trait for a quarterback to have and Garoppolo clearly has that ability.

In other Raiders’ news: