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From a Otis Sistrunk signed hat to a Ken Stabler signed jersey, you have some great Raiders’ swag

Fans tell us about their favorite Raiders’ memorabilia

QB Ken Stabler Game Action Rams vs. Raiders
Ken Stabler
Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images

I always enjoy reading your comments when we do our weekly Tuesday Community Questions.

I loved it this week. The question was what is your favorite piece of Raiders’ memorabilia and let me tell you. You folks own some sweet Raiders’ swag.

Here are some of your responses:

GodfatherND wrote:

My favorite is a ballcap signed by Otis Sistrunk, #60, University of Mars. I loved watching him play in the early to mid 70s. My hairline now is receding, and I’m starting to look like him!

SeaofHands74 wrote:

Just an old Oakland Raiders pennant that shows the AFL insignia, probably from ‘68-‘69 timeframe.


I’m not big on “favorites” - but if I had to pick one, probably the Biletnikoff jersey I wear to games. Also have a pile of cool stuff my brother bought me as gifts over the years - autographed photos, mini helmets and other Raider merch. He’s a Dolphin fan so I appreciate the thought and effort he put into finding those items for me.

ScreaminMetal wrote:

My C-Wood authentic jersey. I also love my new Crosby jersey.

Big Dog McJ wrote:

Signed Howie Long jersey

Signed Tim Brown rookie card

Tim Brown jersey (with every stain from every game I’ve ever been to)

Signed TB mug from his HOF induction that I was privileged to attend

A plethora of Oakland Raider chotskies, too many to list

iowanation wrote:

my 83 super bowl ticket stub signed by Howie

GA.Gunslinger wrote:

Lester Hayes and Jim Plunket autographs.


Back in Jack Tatum’s rookie year a friend of mine that I went to college, well, his brother worked for the Patriots in marketing and when the Raiders played them in Shaefer Stadium in 1971, he got a signed, game jersey from Tatum. I wore it to a New Year’s Eve party later that year and I met a girl who liked it and she wanted to try it on. Being a bit intoxicated I said okay, and I never saw it again. She simply must have left the party wearing it. A historically stupid move on my part.

DarylHarmonica wrote:

My Heidi Game ticket stub.

MichaelMatto wrote:

My older brother, a rabid 49ers fan, gave me a Raiders bomber jacket when I was a teen. Black canvas/linen body, tan sleeves, with a beautifully warm quilted lining. Shield on the breast, and the back was stitched like this in black-lined silver letters:


since 1960


I wore that jacket for many decades, until the fabric just couldn’t handle it anymore. I figured I could find another one on the interwebs someplace, either new or a well-preserved late 70s version. Alas, I failed in my quest. Undeterred, I found an online custom bomber jacket shop in Pakistan that made jackets to order, down to the piping patterns on the sleeves and neck. I ordered myself an exact copy of the original, upgrading the sleeves to leather. When it arrived, I carefully removed the patches from the original, and I made a patch for the back out of the original’s stitched material. After a few hours of painstaking hand stitching, I’d transformed a nondescript black and tan bomber jacket into the son of the best Raiders jacket ever.

radrntn wrote:

Anything that says “Oakland” on it. I don’t own anything that says Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Baman wrote:

An autographed Ken Stabler jersey that hangs above my fire place. Plus I have a football signed by Bo Jackson my grandson gave me, on the mantle. Can’t get better than that