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Silver Minings: Daniel Carlson is one of most accurate kickers in NFL history

He is so money

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
Daniel Carlson
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Daniel Carlson is so good.

How good?

Well, in terms of accuracy (which all that matters, right?), the Las Vegas Raiders’ kicker is one of the best in NFL history.

NFL analyst Warren Sharp recently tweeted about the most accurate placekickers in league history in an attempt to show that drafting round is irrelevant when it comes to kickers. In it it, Carlson is listed as the fourth most accurate kicker ever. Here is the list:

Carlson has made 88.3 of his career field-goal attempts. He has missed just eight of 115 field-goal attempts in the past three seasons, which is simply bonkers.

Carlson was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2018, cut as a rookie and signed later that season by the Raiders. He has been excellent since joining the Silver and Black.

What a find he has been.

In other Raiders news: