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Reviewing Tuesday Community Question: Minicamp

You had plenty to say

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at New Orleans Saints
Divine Deablo
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We had a lot of interesting comments in our Tuesday Community Question this week, which was what you wanted to see in this week’s mandatory minicamp.

Here are some of your responses:

AlzadoXXXXXXX wrote:

if you mean leaks/ from reporters I want to know who is fat and out of shape, who has improved their body, who is hurt and who is healthy, who is running with the starters/ second/ third/ 4th unit interesting but a lot will change there

if you mean from the team, just to get better and get everyone pointed in the right direction re: what they need to do to prep for camp and season

wondering where DT Adam Butler is at; he used to be a good player but was hurt and out all last year signed to reserve futures contract. He could be this year’s Billings

FUChiefs wrote:

Very strong completion in the WR, CB, LB, and DT rooms. We already know who the top three guys are in the WR room. Outside looking in we’re going to have to cut some hood guys in our depth.

DT for me as does LB scares the shit out of me. Fuller is very undisciplined with countless stupid penalties throughout his career. Nichols was a giant flop and proved to be worthless. We don’t know what we have in Farrell and Butler. We just drafted Young who is a very one dimensional player stuffing the run. Very little upgrade in this position group.

LB is even worse Deablo shows flashes but can’t stay healthy to save his life. Spillane was god awful in pass coverage with PIT. Outside of Masterson and Butler there is very little depth. We haven’t drafted a linebacker outside of Bentley since Marquel Lee. This unit really scares me.

CB has no alpha, hopefully we bring in Marcus Peters he is an instant upgrade over anything we have including Hobbs. Hall and Webb won’t scare anybody. Shelly and Long are great depth but shouldn’t be thrusted into starting roles the whole season. They’re bandaid players.

If this is a tank year. Then not upgrading the defense is a great start!

The3rdMacManusBrother wrote:

The interior Oline stepping up and being better than last year. The Dline getting pressure from somebody other than Maxx.

MichaelMatto wrote:

Two CBs, at least one DT, and a decent G.

Raiders0075 wrote:

Nothing. It’s a minicamp. We need to see improvement in real games. Whatever happens before then really doesn’t matter unless it’s produces on the field

cagey wrote:

Solid workouts/play from DBs.

TheAccountantsAccountant wrote:

A Quarterback...any functioning, healthy, promising QB