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Raiders minicamp 2023: Does this mean Hunter Renfrow is in the picture this season?

Slot receiver has been subject of trade speculation

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Hunter Renfrow
Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA TODAY NETWORK

I thought perhaps we would learn more about Hunter Renfrow’s muddled future with the Las Vegas Raiders during this week’s mandatory minicamp.

Yet, the three-day session ended Thursday and we still have the same as before it started (enter who knows emoji here).

There is still no clarity.

Wednesday, during practice, the Raiders’ social media squad tweeted this:

Also, media members were informed Renfrow would speak to them. Good signs. Then, after practice, media was told that Renfrow would not talk to the press after all. He departed practice for undisclosed reasons (all things are undisclosed during this time of year). Renfrow, indeed, was back at practice Thursday. Yet, he didn’t talk to the media group.

Now, none of this doesn’t mean anything as it pertains to Renfrow’s future with the team.

But still some mystery remains.

Of course, there has been media speculation that Renfrow would be traded after June 1. Well, it’s after June 1 and he’s still working with the team. of course, if Las Vegas, indeed, wants shed Renfrow from the roster they can do it at any time. But you would think the Raiders and any interested team would want to make a move like this sooner than later.

The Athletic reported Thursday that the Raiders haven’t gotten any trade offers for Renfrow. That doesn’t mean things can’t heat up.

Of course, there are reasons why a trade seems plausible. Renfrow is a slot wide receiver. Yet, the Raiders gave big money to Jakobi Meyers, who played for the Raiders’ brass with the New England Patriots, in free agency and then they used a third-round pick on Cincinnati slot receiver Tre Tucker.

How many slot guys can they have?

However, Meyers, who didn’t practice this week, can line up wide and he was given true starter’s money. Plus, Raiders coach Josh McDaniels did use multiple slot receiver sets in New England. And Tucker is also a returner, so he can help that way as well.

Making it weird that the Raiders would want to get rid of Renfrow is that they made him a priority before last season when they signed him to a two-year deal worth more than $32 million. He is a free agent in 2025. Also, the Raiders gave Renfrow a $4.32 million roster bonus on March 17, the day his 2023 salary fully guaranteed.

So, if the Raiders wanted to move on from Renfrow, they could have done it in the first week of the league season and saved a lot of money.

But, again, who knows what is really going on and this week gave us no real new clues.

So, nothing is really cleared up. Now, we turn to you. Last month, we asked our community members if they thought Renfrow would be traded (it was based on thought not hope) and the vote was split 50-50 with 466 votes castes with just three votes separating the “yes” and “no” votes.

So, let’s try it again:


Do you think the Raiders will trade Hunter Renfrow?

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