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Silver Minings: It’s going to cost how much to go to a Raiders’ game?

Prices of game day experience in Las Vegas is getting ridiculous

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New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Raiders fans
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

And you thought it was expensive to go to Las Vegas Raiders’ home games now.

Just wait.

It’s apparently going to be silly expensive to attend Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium in the near future. According to a study by, it will cost ... brace yourself ... a family of four $2,253.03 to attend a Raiders’ home game at Allegiant Stadium in 2025.

It is projected, by far, to be the most expensive stadium in the NFL for a family to attend a game in 2025. Betway’s formula is called the ‘Future family fandom cost’ index. It’s based off of projected costs of game tickets, parking, food, beer and jersey cost.

So, if you want to go to a Raiders’ game in a few year’s based off of this index, you might want to go by yourself and pack a lunch.

In other Raiders’ news: