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Silver Minings: This is just a shame

A reminder of what could have been in 2022

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh McDaniels
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

This is a painful reminder of what could have been in 2022.

At times, the Las Vegas Raiders were dominant. They just couldn’t hold leads.

The awful theme of Josh McDaniels’ first season as the Raiders’ head coach was they team blew so many big leads. A recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp illustrates the gory details.

The Raiders held a lead of more than seven points in 10 of 17 games last season. It was eighth best mark in the lead. The seven teams which led in more than 10 games all made the playoffs.

That’s because they held most of those leads. The Raiders, of course, didn’t not. The Raiders lost five of the 10 games in which they led by seven or more points.

They ended up just 6-11 because they blew too many leads. That simply can’t happen again,

In other Raiders’ news: