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Raiders training camp 2023: The Andre James-Jimmy Garoppolo relationship

QQ-center have a lot to work to do this summer

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
Andre James
Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Jimmy Garoppolo and arguably his most important new teammate haven’t had the chance to hit the practice field together yet.

So, Jimmy G. and Raiders’ center Andre James have done the best they can and have become buddies off the field. the two have been seen out together in different events multiple times since Garoppolo signed with the Las Vegas Raiders in March. Of course, Garoppolo wasn’t able to participate in on-field workouts during the OTA session and minicamp this spring because he had foot surgery shortly after signing with the Raiders.

The team does expect him to be ready for training camp, which starts in two weeks.

Of course, Garoppolo will be behind as he hurries tp get ready for Week 1, September 10 at the Denver Broncos. While his relationships with all of his offensive teammates, of course, is vital, his work with James is paramount.

The quarterback and center have to develop their own chemistry and these two must do it fast. James said this spring that the two have tried to build chemistry with a friendship with Garoppolo not being on the practice field.

“Jimmy’s a great guy. We went and watched the Golden Knights win the first game here, and it was pretty fun,” James said last month. “Just have some fun with the offensive line. A lot of guys came out and it was a good win for the Knights. But it was even better just being around the guys, building that chemistry, being around Jimmy outside the facility. So, we’re super excited to have him and get to play with him.”

“Personally, I think the relationship you have outside of the building, outside of the football field, is just as important, and especially from center to quarterback to another offensive line. That chemistry, that trust you build that outside of the field, outside of the facility, just as much as you do on that field. So, to go out there and have fun with him, spend some time with him, get to know him better; it was awesome. It was a great time.”

Garoppolo came to Las Vegas with a reputation as a being a quality human being and an A+ teammate. James said he has been as advertised.

“Everything that I heard when he signed was positive. And that was a good sign,” James said. “So, everyone that I heard from him was like, ‘He’s a great guy, he’s a great leader.’ I’ve seen nothing less.”