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From Snake to The Mad Stork to Howie, your Raiders’ beer dreams are inspired

So many great Raiders’ legends so many great beer-drinking options

Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders
Ted Hendricks
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I always love our Silver and Black Pride Tuesday Community Questions.

This week was extra fun. Our question was if you could have a beer with any Raider, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be?

Of course, you had a ton of great responses. Here are some of them (Yes, we have a new comment embed feature):

Madden. Willie Brown. Charles Woodson. Sebass. Snake.
The list could be endless.
Big Dog McJ
Tim Brown...almost had the chance once after running into him at the airport leaving Ohio after his HOF induction, ran outta time before boarding, but him and his family were nothing short of kind a of the few times I've ever been star struck
Limey Raider
Probably Howie, although Matt Millen is quite entertaining.
Honourable mention for Bob Golic, although he wasn't a Raider for long.
Ted Hendricks tops my list
Marshawn. The Assassin. The snake, and Marquette King round out my top 5
I just think, off the top of my head , they would probably be the most interesting, or fun, to drink with
For me, it would be Davante Adams. I would love to know how he really feels about the position he finds himself in right now.
Chilling by the juke box, playing pool, and having a beer with Stabler would have been cool.
Exiled Raider
Without a doubt, Jim from my avatar.
What can I tell you, I respect the man for what he went through, not just as a football player, but as a human being that dealt with the hand life gave him.
And of course, he piloted us to not one, but two of our three rings. He was taking snaps when I became a fan, (and I can still see him being dragged to the turf as somehow he let go of a wounded duck type pass...that went for a completion).
Cheers Jim, the rounds would be on me.
The Tooz. It would be a lot more than 1 or 2 though.
Without a doubt, my favorite defensive Raider ever, Ted Hendricks. He always wore a half-smirk that made one wonder, "What's he thinking"
Always been a Howie Long fan. I would say Howie.

Again, great responses, folks. You’re all awesome.

For the record, my choice would have been Ken Stabler. As you know, I love Snake. He was the greatest.

Head to the comments section to share your thoughts and join the conversation. You can sign up for a commenting account below and we have full-time moderators to enforce the Community Guidelines and we have another community question for your Tuesday.

Cheers and happy weekend and may you have a beverage with the person of your choice whether they’re a Raiders’ legend or not.