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Raiders preview 2023: Brandon Facyson ready for cornerback competition

Veteran is back for a 2nd stint with Las Vegas

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders Press Conference
Brandon Facyson
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Facyson returned to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason and the veteran cornerback is expected to be part of the team’s rotation at the crowded position.

Facyson recently stated that he was impressed by the overall cornerback group during the OTA and minicamp season and he expects strong competition during training camp.

“Man, the competition has been great. We’re really just trying to work on gelling together as a group, just getting better every day, pushing each other,” Facyson said. “Trying to figure out the ins and outs of everything, and I think it’s been pretty good so far.”

Facyson was a Raider in 2021 and then played with the Indianapolis Colts last season before returning this year. He spent the offseason getting used to practicing against an almost entirely new wide receiver group that what he played with previously in Las Vegas, starting with the great Davante Adams.

“It’s different, but it’s good. It generates healthy competition and sometimes that happens - a lot of times that happens,” Facyson said. “So, it’s just something you kind of have to adjust to, and like I said it’s great work every single day. It’s good to go against different receivers. I enjoy going against it Tae [Davante Adams] and all those guys, and I’m sure we all do. They’re doing a great job on the offensive side, and we just look forward to competing with them every single day.”

Facyson said this offseason showed him how much he missed being a Raider and he’s thrilled to be back.

“It was surreal. It was a different type of feeling,” he said when he found out the new Las Vegas regime wanted him back this offseason. “My agent called me and he said those exact words and my face lit up. I had a great time here when I was here in ‘21 and just looking forward to make new memories with these guys this year in ‘23 and just keep it pushing.”

Expect a focused Facyson to be a key part of this secondary again this season.