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Josh Jacobs contract: Are you worried now?

How are you feeling now?

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
Josh Jacobs
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The fact that the NFL’s deadline for franchise tagged players to agree to a contract extension has passed without the Las Vegas Raiders’ and star running back Josh Jacobs not coming to a contract extension has turned up the heat on the situation,

In the big picture, this is still a process and it doesn’t mean the end of Jacobs’ future in Las Vegas. There’s still plenty of time for thigns to get figured out.

But what it does is create the potential for things to get ugly. Jacobs is expected to stay away from training camp and there has been a report he could stay away from the team into the regular season. Las Vegas opens the season at the Denver Broncos on September 10.

The Raiders can withdraw the franchise tag of just more than $10 million this year and make Jacobs a free agent. That is unlikely, but it’s possible.

Jacobs can be traded and perhaps it will get to that point if the Raiders feel like they will never come to a deal with Jacobs and they feel like he will sit all season. There’s a long way to go for this scenario to develop. But the potential for this to get ugly now exists. So, everything is on the table.

Here’s the question for you, now that extension deadline has passed, are you concerned about Jacobs’ situation or do you think it’s just part of the big picture?

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