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From Romanowski to The Tooz to Jack Tatum, the Raiders would be tough in the Royal Rumble

Don’t mess with these guys

Raiders Bill Romanowski
Bill Romanowski
Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

These Silver and Black Pride Tuesday Community Questions are a lot fun.

And I appreciate that so many of you play again.

We had another fun post this week as we asked what Raider (past or present) would be a great Royal Rumble star. As always, you had great answers and most of them were players from the past. And we all know the Raiders had some bad hombres over the years.

Here are some of your terrific responses (Yes, we have a new comment embed feature):

Romanowski - he punched one of our guys in practice and fractured his orbital socket. Which was BS move btw.
Romo would be a great villian role wrestler no doubt. Alazdo too.
Anybody really. It's fake.
...But I'll go with Alzado. He DID fight Ali once at least.
Tatum was mean, but he hit defenseless receivers over the middle--not so impressive in a wrestling context. But Lyle Alzado had the right combo of strength, nastiness, and sense of humor to thrive in the WWE.
Ben f'ing Davidson!He would have been the ultimate heel! Lol
Big Dog McJ
Matuszak, the guy just wanted to hurt people just because
Jack Tatum. With 5 people leaving on a stretcher as well
Howie. Has the looks for it, pretty good at destroying people in a real game too.

Again, great responses, folks. You’re all great.

For the record, I have to lean with the Bill Romanowski voters. He was just wired different.

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Cheers and happy weekend.