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Silver Minings: Davante Adams backs Josh Jacobs amid contract dispute

“We gonna need that guy,” the WR said of the RB

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Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Veterans are scheduled to report to Las Vegas Raiders training camp on Tuesday, but the Raiders are expected to have one glaring absence; running back Josh Jacobs. The deadline passed for Jacobs and the club to reach an agreement on a long-term contract extension, meaning he has to play on the one-year franchise tag which he has yet to sign.

Not having the 2022 rushing champ will certainly impact the Silver and Black’s offense, which wide receiver Davante Adams acknowledged on NFL Total Access.

“If we really want to have a shot at winning the Super Bowl and having all the elite aspirations that we do, we’re gonna need that guy,” Adams said. “So I’m praying that we can still figure something out, but also understanding where Josh is coming from and trying to coach him through it at the same time.”

What the wideout means by “still figure something out” is somewhat unclear. The Raiders and Jacobs are prohibited from engaging in long-term contract talks until the end of the season, so Adams could be referring to the offseason and the team’s future. Or he’s hoping there’s a way he can get the running back to report to camp.

Regardless, Adams said he understands where Jacobs is coming from and has been mentoring Jacobs on the situation.

“I’ve been talking to him, we’ve been in his ear a little bit just trying to coach him through this process,” the wideout continued. “I’ve been through it a couple times myself and I know what it’s like to go back and forth about whether or not you feel appreciated. ...You go from dealing with a team that you love and you want to be a part of for your whole career, and then when it’s the business time this is when it always gets kinda awkward.”

“...It’s something that you never even want to get to, but once you get through it you can kinda just put it to bed and everyone can carry on with their business. So I’m hoping that’s what happens so we can just kind of put everything behind us and just start focusing on what’s to come.”

Hopefully, this situation gets resolved soon so the Raiders can maximize their potential in 2023.

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