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Silver Minings: Raiders were delay of game villains in 2022

Was it the quarterback or the coach? We shall see

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh McDaniels

No, it wasn’t just your imagination.

The Las Vegas Raiders were guilty of offensive delay of game a lot (too much) in the 2022 season.

It was a point of discontent last year for many fans. A recent tweet by NFL analyst Warren Sharp illustrates just how annoying of an issue with was. Las Vegas was called for offensive delay of game six times in 2022. It was tied for the third most in the NFL.

The complete list is here:

Did the delay-of-game issue (which is usually a product of confusion of miscommunication) start with coach Josh McDaniels or quarterback Derek Carr? Well, with Carr now in New Orleans, we shall see. If the Raiders cut down on the problem, McDaniels will be in the clear. If not ...

In other Raiders news: