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Thoughts on latest Josh Jacobs contract development

If running back did turn down $12 million a year what does that mean?

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Thursday morning, NFL Media reported that star running back Josh Jacobs declined a multi-year contract extension offer by the Las Vegas Raiders at the July 17 deadline for franchise-tagged players to receive long-term deals.

The report stated that The Raiders offered Jacobs a deal that averaged around $12 million a year. Jacobs is now staying away from the team in training camp. If he signs his franchise tender, he will make $10.1 million. He can also be franchised tagged next year by the Raiders,

Some thoughts:

Will he get better deal later?

For now, the days of big, big money for running backs are over. So, will Jacobs really be able to get in the $13-15 million range next year in a deal from the Raiders or any other team if he is not franchised tagged? He will be 26 next year. NFL teams value running backs, just not older running backs. So, giving Jacobs a big money when he’s 29 or 30 is the key. Perhaps that’s why he would turn down this deal because it wasn’t for enough years.


Whatever the case, I’m not sure he will get a better offer down the road. But Jacobs bet on himself last year and did great. Apparently, he’s willing to do it again.

What it would mean to future in Las Vegas:

Right now, I don’t see Jacobs playing in Las Vegas beyond next year if this is the case. But things will remain dicey if he is franchised again. So, expect the tense feelings to continue even if Jacobs plays this entire upcoming season.

Barkley connection:

NFL Media reported Barkley would have taken an average of $12 million a year from the Giants. This week, of course, he settled for this season with a slight raise with incentives. Barkley and Jacobs are in different situations. Barkley, 26, is a year older than Jacobs and he’s been in the NFL a year longer. Plus, he has never led the NFL in rushing like Jacobs has. Clearly, Jacobs thinks he’s worth more than $12 million a season.


It’s interesting and it could have long-term affect on his future. Jacobs is taking a risk, but, at the moment, he seems OK with it.