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Silver Minings: Jimmy Garoppolo making strong first impression on teammates

Quotes from Renfrow, Meyers and James on their new QB

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
Jimmy Garoppolo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Las Vegas Raiders are breaking in a new starting quarterback during training camp. After missing the Raiders’ spring practices while recovering from foot surgery, this past week was the first time Jimmy Garoppolo got to hit the field with his new teammates and he’s been making a strong first impression.

Below are a few quotes from wide receivers Hunter Renfrow and Jakobi Meyers and center Andre James about their new QB.

Q: First couple days working with Jimmy Garoppolo, what are your impressions of working with him on the field?

Renfrow: “Yeah, he’s fun to play with. He’s steady. He’s consistent. He’s what you want in a quarterback. He’s a leader, he’s a great guy in the locker room, so I can’t say enough good things about him. And he’s won everywhere he’s been, so just following his lead and kind of jumping on his back and going from there.”

Q: I know he wasn’t out there today, but what was it like getting your first opportunity to work with Jimmy Garoppolo?

Meyers: “I mean, it was great honestly. We’re kind of trying to get this process of growing together. I’m trying to understand him, he’s trying to understand us, so hopefully we can all get on the same page and put a good product out there on the field.”

Q: It’s your first time starting in front of a new quarterback. I know it’s only been a couple days with Jimmy Garoppolo, but what’s it been like working on the relationship?

James: “Yeah, it’s been awesome. It was funny, it was literally like a couple of days ago it was me and his first time getting snaps together. So, we’re working together. It’s awesome to work with a guy like that, he gives great feedback. He’s a great leader in the huddle, he leads us real well. You want to block and play for a guy like that, so excited to have him.”

Q: But with that being said what’s like the biggest thing that you’ve learned about Jimmy Garoppolo that you would have never thought about him just on the outside looking in?

James: “Man, he’s just one of the boys. He comes in and he just kicks it with us. He’s willing to hang out with us in the locker room. Yeah, he’s just an ordinary dude, and that’s what we love. He’s just one of the guys, can’t say too much more about that. We love that.”

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