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Raiders poll results: Fans think Hunter Renfrow stays

The longer it goes, less likely fans think wide receiver is traded

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Hunter Renfrow
Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

The thinking in the Las Vegas Raiders’ fan base about the future of Hunter Renfrow has changed.

And I agree with it.

There has been rampant media speculation that the Raiders would trade the productive slot wide receiver. In fact, one local media member said it was likely that Renfrow would be removed from the Las Vegas roster post-June 1. Well, it’s been several weeks and the 2019 fifth-round draft pick from Clemson remains on the Raiders roster.

After the early-June minicamp, we revisited a poll question, asking fans if they thought Renfrow would be traded.

We had done it previously and it was out closest poll ever as just three votes separated the results in a poll in which 466 votes were cast.

Yet, after Renfrow participated in the mandatory minicamp, the results of the second poll was much different. In a poll with 849 votes cast, 75 percent of the voters believe Renfrow is staying in Las Vegas with just 25 percent of the voters thinking he’s on the way put.

That’s a huge difference.

I never say never when it comes to NFL moves. But it’s getting late and I think Renfrow will stay, for now. Of course, things can change and perhaps Renfrow will be moved closer to the mid-season trade deadline. For now, though, I agree with our poll takers and think Renfrow starts the season in Las Vegas.