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Remembering Al Davis from overhead projectors to championing diversity to Pete Rozelle contempt

We remembered the legend on his birthday

Super Bowl XVIII - Washington Redskins vs Los Angeles Raiders - January 22, 1984
Al Davis in 1984
Photo by Sylvia Allen/Getty Images

We asked for your favorite Al Davis memories on what would be his 94th birthday on Tuesday.

You came through with some great answers. Here are some of your responses:

19-78-0-huut-hut wrote:

The laugh and smile that was on his face (via NBC-TV camera) during the waning moments of the 1999 season finale at KC is always a favorite memory of mine.

Dave Millerton wrote:

“You get great coaches, after you get great coaches you get great players. You have a great organization, then you tell them one thing. Just win baby”. Tom Flores at his side, Musburger interviewing, and Rozelle looking on with contempt. Most iconic moment for an NFL owner ever and it’s not even close

radrntn wrote:

there is no doubt the overhead projector when he fired Lame Kiffin is classic, but 10 million just to talk to the city of Irwindale and take a helicopter ride is probably at the top. Most iconic is the “Just Win Baby” speech, or just seeing him in that white sweatsuit on the sidelines. However his greatest contribution to his legacy was his decisions to hire diversity in the workplace. something a bunch of White Nationalists can never embrace, except for Trump 2024!

iowanation wrote:

Refusing to play a preseason game where the black players had to be in a different locker room than the white players, Al never cared about your skin color, your gender or any other thing that was not the norm. He only seen talent and desire nothing else. Way ahead of his time in that matter!

Also the white jump suit he wore to the super bowl, what a statement that was, and of course the statement, “This is OUR finest hour”. He respected the Nation like no other owner ever has for their fan base.

Limey Raider wrote:

Who the F*** is Darth Vader?

Cesar Acosta

DarylHarmonica wrote:

Favorite Al Davis moment?

The first thought I had was the “Overhead Projector” moment.

But, in reality, it was the one shown in the above photo. Al being generous to his hated enemy Pete Rozelle and rising above the animosity to display Pride and Poise in accepting the Lombardi.

Other favorite Al Davis moments were actually off screen. He was extremely generous to his former players and took care of them when the cameras weren’t “on”. That was the real Al Davis.

GACarr wrote:

Commitment to Excellence. Too bad we no longer have it

Just Win Baby. Wish it were still true

We would rather be feared than respected. Desperately need to get back to it

So many more

Happy B-day Al! You are missed

The3rdMacManusBrother wrote:

Tons of things to look back on. How he gave the finger to the league over and over. How he was ahead of his time in terms of equality for both women and minorities. But I think it has to fall back on his 3 SB trophies and just how bad ass of a team he built and maintained back in the day.