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Silver Minings: Maxx Crosby reveals his secret to becoming an elite run defender

The Athletic’s Ted Nguyen sat down with the Pro Bowler

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Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders
Maxx Crosby
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Over the last two seasons, Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby has made tremendous strides as a run defender. That was a weakness at the beginning of his career as he posted PFF run defense grades of 58.8 and 56.1 in years one and two, but has turned that around with marks of 79.5 and 82.5 in the last couple of campaigns.

The Athletic’s Ted Nguyen recently interviewed Crosby about his improvement against the ground game, and Crosby revealed what he did to get better.

“For me, I just got better and better and better because I’m just paying more and more attention to the details. And it’s not just on the field, it’s off the field as well — like my nutrition, my grip strength after every single workout. Like this morning, I did a grip workout and my arms are literally about to fall off my body, but things like that matter in the run game,” Crosby said. “It takes a million practice reps to get one game rep right, so that’s how serious I take it, and that’s something I learned from (former Raiders defensive line coach Rod) Marinelli, who just ran everyday drills that I’m constantly repeating and fine tuning.”

You can find the full interview via the following hyperlink and I’d highly recommend giving it a read.

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