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Josh Jacobs contract: Some of you worried, some are not

What a tight vote

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Josh Jacobs
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For most of the offseason, most Las Vegas Raiders fans have been pretty calm about the Josh Jacobs’ situation.

Yet, things are starting to turn a bit.

That started to happen when the July 17 NFL-imposed deadline for franchise-tagged players to sign contract extension passed without a new deal between the team and the star running back.

The failure to get a deal down by the deadline created the potential for things to get ugly. Jacobs is not at training camp (he was been away from the team all offseason) and there have been reports he could continue to stay away into the regular season. The Raiders play at the Denver Broncos on September 10 in Week 1.

Also, it seems like the Raiders want to pay Jacobs, 25, on a year-to-year basis, so his time with club long-term is in question.

We recently revisited the question if fans are worried now about Jacobs’ contract situation and in a tight vote, the majority of fans polled are, indeed, concerned.

In a poll with 809 votes tallied, 51 percent (411 votes) of the people said they are worried, while 49 percent (398 votes) indicating they are not worried about it.

I get both schools of thoughts. If we get to the Wednesday before the season opener and Jacobs is not yet reported, then it’s time to hit the panic button.