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How long will it take for Raiders to win a championship? Patience is understandably waning

Fans let us know what they think about the Raiders’ championship window

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams
The brass
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One of my favorite things about or weekly Tuesday Community Questions is the sense of humor displayed by most of you each week.

This week’s segment didn’t disappoint, either. To refresh, the question this Tuesday was how long do you think it’s going to take for the Raiders to win a championship.

It was an honest question, looking for serious responses. But, of course, this fan base has bene through it. The Raiders haven’t won a Super Bowl in nearly 40 years and most of this century has been brutal for many, many reasons.

So, it is only natural many fans are no longer patient. But again, the sense of humor here saves us all. Here are some of your responses:

Never? If it happens again in my lifetime I'll be surprised.
In the meantime, I just want a competitive team that gets in the playoffs consistently. Once you're in the tournament anything can happen. Drafting well every year is critical.
I'm 77 so I'll never see it but wish one for you guys
I'm under 30 years old. I've never seen a Raiders hoist a Lombardi. I have, however, seen:
  • Tuck Rule & Patriots ensuing dynasty
    Gruden 1.0 Trade
    Gannon's 5 Int loss to Gruden's Bucs
    Al Davis's death
    DHB, Rolando, Hayden, Conley, Ferrell, Abram, Arnette, Leatherwood, etc, ETC
    Larry Brown, Moss, Sapp, Javon Walker, AB, Joyner, Littleton, Chandler, etc, ETC
    2003-2015 W/L
    2016 Carr Injury on Christmas Eve
    2017-2023 Carr Wars
    Mack trade
    Stabler & Branch HoF snubs until they passed away
    3 Broncos Superbowls
    2 Chiefs Superbowls
    Gruden email leaks
    Ruggs manslaughter
I'm sure I'm missing some notable events here, too. It's been a ROUGH 20 years to say the least. I just hope I can see ONE Superbowl in my lifetime. That's all I ask in return for my investment into this team.
Clock won't start until McZ is gone, right now we are just killing time.
Hopefully sometime while I'm alive.
Hopefully before the next life ending meteor hits.

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Cheers and happy weekend.