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Silver Mining: Raiders ranked as 1 of NFL’s most ‘disruptive’ teams

Study shows Las Vegas among league leaders in fine amounts

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
The leaders
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As we prepare for the start of the 2023 NFL regular season, it’s time time to read about something we’re reminded of every NFL game week.

The officials are eyeballing the Las Vegas Raiders.

In a recent study conducted by, the Raiders have “caused the most disruption” over the past three NFL seasons based on player fine amounts.

Since the 2020 season, Las Vegas has been hit with 21 infractions that resulted in players getting fined by the NFL. It has the third highest total in the NFL in the three-season period.

Las Vegas fines in that period totaled $252, 159, which is 75 percent higher than the league average. The Pittsburgh Steelers, according to this study, have been the league’s most disruptive team with 30 infractions totaling more than $5.3 million in fines.

Let’s see if it changes this season. We shouldn’t hold our breath.

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