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SB Nation Reacts: 46 percent of Raiders fans think they will have top-15 defense

Raider Nation is starting to believe but some are still skeptical

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders defense has been an issue for over two decades. Fans are clamoring for the defense that built the silver and black mystique and returned the team to glory.

Training camp has Raider Nation intrigued as the defense continues to make plays. The offense was supposed to be the football team’s leader, but the defense was making the case. If this can continue into the regular season, it could help the Raiders surprise naysayers.

In this week’s SB Nation Reacts, we ask fans if they believe the Raiders can have a top-15 defense. 46% of Raiders fans think they will have a top-15 defense.

Raiders fans are skeptical, but this number would be different back in June. After Friday’s interception bonanza, the defense has a chance to surprise in 2023. The addition of Marcus Peters is rubbing off on the secondary, and the pass rush shows life in practice.

The defense has been vital to the success of past Raiders teams, and it is about time to have hype around that side of the ball.

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