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New Raiders receiver Jakobi Meyers is impressing teammates

Free-agent addition is another offensive weapon

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Free Agent Signings
Jakobi Meyers
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One of the Las Vegas Raiders’ biggest offseason additions was free-agent wide receiver Jakobi Meyers.

He is expected to be a a key part of the offense and thus far, the former New England Patriot is impressing his new teammates,

“I mean, he’s just a pretty savvy guy to not be super old in the league,” Raiders’ star wide receiver Davante Adams said earlier in camp. “I mean, I think this is year five for him, if I’m not mistaken. That’s still pretty young in his league to know how to be able to be creative with your routes, but also be on time. And there’s a lot of guys that get creative and do a lot of stuff within the route, but now a quarterback’s waiting on him and it’s a sack, and it’s not the same rhythm as when everybody else is catching the ball. So, there’s a lot of things you can learn from him out there, and like I said, it’s fun because these guys can do a lot, but they come in with their open book, or open vessel, rather. And it’s fun to be able to teach him, but also kind of steal some things from him when we’re out there on the field together.”

Meyers said he is enjoying becoming a part of the Raiders’ deep wide receiver room and while his teammates are impressed by him, he too likes what he’s seeing.

“It’s definitely a smart room, and not even just the top. It’s not a top-heavy room,” Meyers said earlier in camp. “Actually, the guys who most people wouldn’t think to name are kind of some of the guys who got a lot of talent and make a lot of plays are smart guys and they would probably be the first one to answer questions. So, it’s been actually a good challenge, just making sure I got to be in there, on my stuff every day because I know every guy from the top down is going to be on their job, so it’s been fun truly.”

Now, let’s see the fun continue into the regular season.