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Silver Minings: The meaning off 1966 is big for franchise

Everything changed when he became the owner

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Oakland Raiders vs Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl XV
Al Davis
Set Number: X25257 TK2 R16 F21

It all changed for the then-Oakland Raiders in 1966.

It was then that the great Al Davis became the owner of the franchise. He had previously been the team’s head coach from 1963-65, He became a partial owner in 1966 and general manager and then he became the principle owner of the team in 1972. He ran the franchise until his death in October, 2011.

When Davis became a partial owner, the Raiders’ fortunes changed at a historic rate.

According to a recent study by The Sports Geek, the Raiders’ turnover rate was the biggest in NFL history after Davis took over.

Indeed, Al Davis was the Raiders and they probably would have never become the 1970s and and 1980s powerhouse had he not taken over.

In other Raiders news: