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Many fans expect Josh Jacobs back by Week 1

Raiders fans see light at the end of the tunnel

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games - Skills Competitions
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We looked into our crystal balls in this week’s Silver and Black Pride Tuesday Community Question as the Las Vegas Raiders .

We asked you when do you think star running back Josh Jacobs will return to the team? The 2022 NFL rushing yardage king has been staying away from the team during training camp because of a contract issue.

Jacobs can return for the season or forego $10.1 million (his franchise tag number) by sitting out the season. While anything can happen, Jacobs is eventually expected to return to the Silver and Black.

That’s the feel of many of you. As always, there were some fine responses. Here are some of your responses:

Just for fun? Let's take bets!
My guess - the last week before the season starts or after the first game (if he really wants to "send a message"). Unless the team reaches out with a new offer, which I think is highly unlikely.
When there's nothing left to tweet about.
I think he stays in A-1 shape and shows up for the last pre season game, gets a few snaps, and collects his first game check in Denver
Soon or not at all.
He loses a half a million for every game missed, so i say he will enjoy the Labor Day weekend, and show up on the following Tuesday .
Healthy scratch... for all of 2023.
Just before the last pre season game
Opening day of the regular season.
I bet he returns right before he starts losing money, so week 1.

All pretty good stuff, folks.

By guess August 28, right after the end of the preseason. My second guess September 4, the Monday before the season opener at Denver. If we get to Wednesday of that week and JJ is still absent, the Raiders may have a problem. But let’s worry about that if it happens.

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Cheers and happy weekend.