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Silver Minings: Jimmy Garoppolo’s deep-ball struggles are real

New quarterback has long had issues in this area

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Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
Jimmy Garoppolo
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

No, we shouldn’t expect an abundance of bombs away from new Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo this season.

According to several reports, Garoppolo has has struggled at points in training camp to consistently connect with his receivers on deep passes. Expect that to be an issue during the season. According to a recent tweet by The Associated Press, Garoppolo has long struggled in that area.

During the past three seasons (he was with the San Francisco 49ers) Garoppolo ranked 40th in the in completing just three of 26 passes that went, at least, 30 yards downfield.

That’s a pretty good sample size. Of course, Jimmy G.’s game is he short-to-intermediate passes, so whatever works.

In the other Raiders’ news: