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From the Playoff clincher against Chargers, victory at Arrowhead to a key decision, here’s the things that made you happy

The best moments of the past 5 seasons

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Daniel Carlson
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

We went down (recent) memory lane this week in our Tuesday Community question series.

The question was what was the best win for the Las Vegas Raiders in the past five seasons?

That’s the thing about the Raiders in recent years. Yes, there was only one playoff run in the this five-year window, but a lot of crazy wins.

In no surprise, the most popular win was the regular-season finale overtime win over the Los Angeles Chargers at home that sent the Raiders to the playoffs to end a wild 2021 season. But there were other favorites included here as well.

Here are some of your responses:

* 2020 win over Kc at narrowhead.
* 2016 (yes older than 5 years) Carr to Roberts touchdown in OT to beat the Bucs. Wild game with over 500 penalty yards I believe.
* 2021 win over the chargers to go to the playoffs
The biggest win was the day they moved on from DC.
Obvious answer is week 18 against the Chargers in 2021 sending us to the playoffs, 35-32 in OT.
Honorable mention is the 40-32 win over KC in 2020, at KC.
I think the Charger win to make the playoffs was the best win. most memorable win for me was last season's miracle last second victory against the Patriots in Vegas. Honorable mention is probably the last second TD from Carr to Ruggs vs the Jets a few years ago.
I mean this one's not really close. It's one of the best regular season games ever.
The overtime win against the Chargers to close out the 2021 season. Given the stakes, and the way a tie was in play, and the way the Raiders rallied at the end in overtime. The game had pretty much everything.

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Cheers and happy weekend.