Post-Game Thoughts

Always pumped to get a win, especially against a divisional opponent. When was the last time the Raiders started 1-0 and the rest of the division started 0-1? Where’s Josh Dubow when I need him?

Going to rattle off a few observations..


  • Jimmy G showed more balls today than I’ve seen out of DC in all the seasons combined since he broke his leg. The man stood tall in the pocket and created extra time when he needed to. Just not taking sacks at certain points in the game was crucial for us today. I get that he’s not Pat Mahomes, but I can’t hide my excitement over the fact we have a legit leader with some real swagger under center. He definitely missed Adams a couple times in the end zone, but his only egregious mistake IMO was the end zone interception, clean game for Jimmy otherwise.He was 10-12 in the first half and I believe the two incompletions hit the 2 hands of his receivers (one to Adams and another to Jakobi in the end zone). They were tight throws in tight coverage, but looked to be catchable balls.
  • The offensive looked more fluid and cohesive. Nobody appeared out of place and the game plan from the first half didn’t look crazy different from the second half. The biggest negative I will point out is the lack of deep shots. I really can’t recall many.
  • The other negative I would take away (and I’m getting picky here) is the lack of involvement from other players in the game plan. Jimmy completed passes to 7 different players, 3 of whom were running backs. Russ completed passes to 7 different players on the first drive of the game for the Donkeys.
  • Glad to have Jacobs back, but even if him and the team deny it, the guy is shaking some rust off. He is still great at making the first guy miss and I like the #8 jersey. Even though he averaged only 2.5 yards per carry today I can only imagine how painful the game would have been given we had to play our backup running backs. I hope they get him more involved in the passing game next week.
  • O-line gave up zero sacks. Any game we do that in we are going to have a chance to play a close game.
  • It very much shows that Michael Mayer was used predominantly as a tight end who played mostly in the slot in college. His run blocking looks rough. Definitely looking weak when he’s in on run plays. This was noticeable to tje coaches because as the game went on most of the running plays that included a tight end in the formstion occurred with Hooper on the fields. Definitely something other teams are going to eventually pick up on, so I hope he can get better in that department and in a hurry. While I know tight ends sometimes have a rough time transitioning to the NFL, zero catches today was certainly disappointing.
  • Jakobi was feasting opposite of Adams. I really hope he’s not going to be out vs the Bills next week. That east coast time zone game is going to be hard enough as it is. Hopefully the Jets really beat up on them tomorrow.
  • I liked seeing Adams in the slot today. He made so many plays from the slot in Green Bay so it’s nice to see McDaniels employing him there. A lot of it did have to do with trying to get him away fromPat Surtain or forcing the D to play zone. While Adams didn’t have a huge game he certainly was not shut down. The attention he drew definitely opened things up for Jakobi. Lastly, Surtain is legit.
  • Hunter Renfrow was non-existent. Yes he was on the field, but I don’t think he was targeted once. Given Jakobi is out next week, he really needs to step up in the slot, as does KW given he’s slotted to start opposite Davante.
  • This group is suspect. We knew this coming into the season. It showed today.
  • Tyree is insanely slow off the ball… I couldn’t believe how bad it actually was.
  • Trevon M didn’t make any huge mistake, but the man is soft. I know he’s not a strong safety who is known for laying the wood, but he definitely looks to avoid contact at all costs. I’m interested to see how many games he gets away with that type of play before you start seeing him split time with someone else.
  • Luke Masterson f*clking blows and almost cost us the game today. Not really sure what they see in this guy. Maybe D Butler would have made the roster over him given he didn’t get hurt.
  • Deablo played a good game today as did Spillane. No HUGE mistakes. Spillane did miss one tackle near the line of scrimmage and on another play where Diablo blitzed Javonte Williams put him on his back.
  • Peters has lost a step but played good football today. I am wondering is he’s a potential free safety in the future.
  • Although Jakorian Bennetts did get called for a couple penalties, I’ll be quick to forgive the man. Everything he seemed to do, even the mistakes he made, were done full speed. The game does not look too big or too fast for this rookie. I am sure he will experience more growing pains as the season goes on, but I was very happy with what I saw today. He’s not afraid to stick his head in there and make a tackle and never appeared to be lost.
  • I don’t recall seeing Amik at all. If he was in I’m sure he would have made a really awesome or really bad play, but it never came. Was he spotted on special teams at all?
  • Mad Maxx was and still IS that dude. Sky’s the limit for that guy if we ever get another solid edge player and/or a solid push from the interior D line. He’s being held every other play and still finds a way to make an impact. Very happy that guy is a Raider and I pray Tyree is going to develop into a formidable player on the other side of him.

  • While some of the calls against us today were pretty bad, we still short ourselves in the foot way too many times. Luckily Denver matched our total number of penalties today (10). I really expected to see a more disciplined football team.
  • The Broncos are down 2 receivers and lost a safety during the game. They still managed to play us close. I hate Sean Payton, but the man is calling plays in a way that is definitely beneficial to Russ. What I’m about to say next is a bit of a double edged sword… while the broncos are a better team than they were last year, they’re still not a good football team. We don’t need to play down to the level of our opponents. Regardless though, any division game can be tough, especially on the road, so I will always take a close/ugly win over a loss.
  • Jimmy is a leader and his teammates love him.
  • If the Raiders can make it to 2-0 against the Bills going into the home opener against a very poor looking Steelers team, I will start to get really excited. For now, I’m going to keep my expectations in check by saying the ceiling for this team is 8-10 wins. There’s a lot to be happy about, but clearly a lot of work to be done.
Raiders Nation, congrats. Let’s keep it rolling.