Optimism, Pessimism.

Offensive Optimism (note: as a Scot, optimism is naturally offensive to me).

Garoppolo: Didn’t get injured (unlike A Rodgers, who in the space of only four snaps managed to look about fifty years old). Excellent completion rate, good YPA and passer rating. Won again as a starter. Basically, did exactly what it said on the packaging, if nothing extra.

OL: No sacks, generally gave JG a useable pocket. Munford took 25% of snaps at RT and slightly outperformed JE. Van Roten was good, a big upgrade on Bars.

Myers: A fine debut, spoiled only by the inexcusable assault by K Jackson (you know, the one which had it been perpetrated by Raider would have been deemed worthy of instant expulsion).

Offensive Pessimism.

The run game: Say what you please about Carr (as many of you will), but his deep throw potential made the run harder to defend. JJ’s dismal yardage could have a number of causes, but the lack of deep threat from JG seems likely to significantly lower his rush yards this season.


Michael Mayer: Zilch in pre-season and ditto in this game. Looking out of his depth.

Renfrow: WTF? No stats. Our genius offensive guru head coach can’t find a way to involve him?

Defensive Optimism.

Deablo: Looking like the breakout candidate we though he could be this year. Spillane and Epps, pretty good. Hobbs, welcome back! Jakorian, there was quite a lot to like, at least in the tacking department.


Only giving up 16 points, and only 3 in the second half, even if it was against such a mediocre team.

Defensive Pessimism.

Tyree Wilson: Made Clelin Ferrell look like Khalil Mack. Looked more like a man trying to get through a revolving door at a library without disturbing anyone than a NFL pass rusher.

Draft evaluation: so how many good snaps did we have from the 2023 draft class, defensively or offensively?

DT: Kind of stood there getting in the way a little, I suppose.

The jury is out. Let’s hope Myers isn’t.