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Silver Minings: The good of Josh Jacobs’ Week 1 performance

Tailback did what he usually does

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Los Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Week 1 wasn’t what he expect from the Las Vegas Raiders’ running game and star tailback Josh Jacobs.

Despite a Week 1 17-16 victory at the Denver Broncos, Jacobs (a noted Bronco killer) did not have a hugely productive game. He had 48 yards on 19 carries against the Broncos in a game the Las Vegas offensive line (which was terrific in pass protection) struggled to find consistent holes for Jacobs at some points of the game.

Yet, not all was lost for the 2022 NFL rushing king in Denver. As noted in the below tweet (with data from TruMediaSports), Jacobs led all NFL tailbacks with avoided tackles in Week 1 with eight.

That’s consistent with what Jacobs does. He breaks and avoids tackles at a high rate. So, this is a sign that Jacobs is just fine and we should expect to see the production rise soon perhaps as soon as Sunday at the Buffalo Bills.

In other Raiders’ news: