Loss Rant (L1)

I'll make a loss rant every time we lose a game. Helps me vent!

  • It seems like McDaniels can never pivot from scripted game plans. I think that's why we scored the first drive and did basically nothing the remainder of the game.
  • When you don't invest in the D-Line this is exactly what happens in the NFL. For two weeks the defensive front has been gashed! And Graham's answer to that is run-blitz but it's irrelevant if Spillane can't bring down the runner in the backfield.
  • There's a reason why rookie CBs struggle. He needs experience. But Moehring is doing EXACTLY what he's done since last season. He looks lost!
  • The Bills, minus last week's showing, is an AFC playoff standard. You'll see Josh Allen playing in January. They are CLEARLY 4 touchdowns better than us and it could've been a lot worse had McDermont took his foot off the gas.
  • Besides Maxx NOBODY on our defense is anything that any opponent has to game plan for. I saw several plays were Maxx was doubled AND chipped by a back! That's 3 players! That means nobody else could even when on-on-one! That's going to be an all-season issue.
  • Lastly, the defense SHOULD BE EMBARRASED! Bills going for it on 4th down was a slap in the face.