AOC, the QB room, and the Visor's decision making

Don't fret, this isn't a knee-jerk post about replacing Jimmy G as QB1 before week 3 even starts. The team is 1-1 on the road and have their first home game this week, so no need for panic and despondence. Jimmy's reluctance to throw the ball down the field has been disappointing if not predictable (Marcus Johnson breaks down a few times he missed wide open wideouts on his Twitter page which is worth a look), but there's time to right that ship. That's not what this post is about, though.

I am confused as to why Aidan O'Connell is currently the 3rd string who is inactive on gamedays. Hoyer is presumably on the roster because he knows the system and can help to coach and facilitate other players, be a presence in the locker room, and be a presence in a QB room that has a rookie to mold. Hoyer's actual play, evidenced by his 1-19 record as a starter since 2016, shows there is little value to having him behind center. Hoyer isn't on the team based on his ability to win football games by being the one to throw the football. Why, then, is the rookie inactive come Sunday after a great preseason showing? It's not like there's a great trust in Hoyer, he came in for a few snaps against the Broncos and we ran the ball against stacked boxes instead of letting him chuck one. The value gained by having O'Connell experience suiting up on gameday and possibly get reps in a big win or loss provides value, Hoyer holding a clipboard probably doesn't provide as much.

The Bills game would have been a great opportunity for AOC to get some reps and looks against starting caliber players on a good Bills roster. Instead he is either in sweats on the sideline or at home, we leave Davante in the game in the dwindling few seconds as the team is down by 20 points and let him get decapitated for no reason, and the silver and black linings are too few to be found.

I don't get what McDaniels and Co. are thinking regarding the QB depth chart and playing time. What do you think?